After ďI DoĒ

Marriages should start out on the right foot, and thereís nothing better than the perfect  honeymoon thatís romantic, stress free and unforgettable.

Wherever you spend your honeymoon, remember to pack a good attitude, relax and simply enjoy your time alone with each other. This is the very beginning of your new life together, full of promise, adventure and joy. Make it as ďstress freeĒ as possible. Seek out the expert advice of a travel agent. Here are some tips to help you get started.  

Begin honeymoon planning early and share in the planning. To ensure that you both enjoy the honeymoon, make all of your decisions together

Have frequent flyer miles? Get all of your airline frequent flyer points and travel club programs you participate in together. These points can save you a ton of money if you know where to look. Travel agents can help you piece it all together and help you make sense of all the hoops you may have to go through to redeem them. If you donít belong we can get you signed up, and give you some pointers on how to start accruing those miles.

Set a budget. Talk about your expectations and priorities from the beginning and decide where to splurge and where to cut corners. Remember, you will spend an enormous amount of time in your room, so

make it special. Donít let price be the deciding factor. In your lifetime the extra $100 dollars a nicer room will cost you will never be missed. It is your honeymoon.

Get your official documents for traveling together now.
Donít wait. Will you need a passport to reach your desired destination, or will a notarized birth certificate with a raised seal be enough. Find out, and get your documents ordered promptly. There is nothing more stressful then finding out at the last minute you canít go because your paperwork is not in order. We always recommend a valid passport when you leave this country. After 9/11 security has increased tenfold, and a valid passport will make your airport wait time less. Make sure your name is spelled correctly on all official documents, airline tickets, etc.

All-inclusive resorts are the most popular options for honeymooners. Everything is included: airfare, hotel stays, transfers, recreational facilities, all meals and drinks, all for one total package price. Without having to worry about what everything will cost, you are free to relax and just let go. The only thing you will spend money on is souvenirs, optional excursions. *Some islands have departure taxes, which are payable at the airport on your return flight home. These taxes can not be prepaid.

If that sounds to stationary, consider taking a cruise. Cruises are floating resorts that whisk you from one exotic port to another. You will never be bored, as there is the perfect cruise for everyone. Itís just a matter of matching your needs with the right ship. Again, just about everything is included, your room, all food, (alcohol is extra, as are shore excursions), but for all you get to see and do, cruises are a great value, making those honeymoon dollars stretch very far.

Clarify the fine print. Find out about cancellation penalties and restrictions, deposit due dates and final payments. All of this should be explained to you early on. Donít be afraid to ask any questions. There are no dumb questions, if your not sure, ask. Even if youíve asked before and forgotten the answer.

What about travel insurance for unexpected emergencies?
Is your agent licensed to sell travel insurance? If not, can they recommend someone who is. Honeymoons are huge investments, usually thousands of dollars, and can be insured for such things as medical problems, travel delay, and financial insolvency of an airline, cruise line or tour company. Protection is very inexpensive and will give you peace of mind.

Have you thought about a bridal registry? Couples are now waiting longer than ever to marry. Many have been on their own for

 years and and donít need all the household appliances, sets of sheets, or that matching 10 piece cooking set. Registries are in, and a lot of couples use them to extend a honeymoon stay, upgrade a room, or pay for that helicopter flight over Maui that they would love to do. Most registry services are free, and most like, give you useful tips and free wedding pages to make it simple. The only cost to your guests is a small fee, which is normally 9% of the total amount of money they give. On a $50.00 gift amount, that is only $4.50, which is approximately what gift wrapping and a bow would cost. So you can see why this is a popular option for many, it takes the guess work out of what do they need and what do they already have.

Always remember, tell the world you are on your honeymoon. Tell everyone! From the gate agent at the airport, to the hotel desk clerk or your cabin steward. All will take notice and most often you will receive special treatment such as complimentary champagne in your room, gift baskets or other amenities not normally included. So go ahead, tell the world, itís your honeymoon and those little extras will make it unforgettable.

And last but not least, use a travel agent. You wouldnít try and bake your own wedding cake, youíd ask a professional. For stress free travel plans- especially those with multiple steps, seek out expert advice. We can save you time and money, and you have an ally in case of any unexpected emergencies or problems. Try talking to a computer when you have misplaced your travel documents, or the hotel canít find your reservation. (Yes, that does happen). We specialize in helping people travel, and we know tips that will help make your honeymoon as special and unique as the two of you. Your best interest is our priority. We want to establish long-term relationships with our couples, you and your referrals are what makes our business grow!